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Inri (Beretta)
Dutch Youth Champion | JW'10 | W'10

Pedigree name: Inri

Name: Beretta

Date of birth: 04.08.2009

Mother: Rina (Gina) Del Rosso Malpelo

Father: Genesiosteewe del Morgan

Breeder: Guardiano Degli Angeli

Bite: Slightly undershot

Height: 63 cm

Weight: 40 kilo


Titels: Dutch Youth Champion | Juniorwinster 2010 | Winster 2010




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More information:

Beretta is a very sweet and social dog with a great will-to-work.
She's a very enthousiastic, athletic, loyal, well build and stable female.

Beretta, almost 18 months old and this is what she could look like if her ears would have been cropped ...(PhotoShop creation):